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Our Campaign’s Top Issues

Dr. Todd is aware of the responsibility he will bear—to uphold the values of honor, duty, and service. But alongside that responsibility, he carries a promise—a promise that he would transition from safeguarding the nation's security to shaping its future through the corridors of Congress.

Supporting Small Businesses

Recognizing the backbone of our economy, Dr. Todd's plan for small businesses resonates with our own history of advocacy.


In the arena of education, Dr. Todd's plan aligns with our conviction that education is the great equalizer.

Guaranteeing Access to Affordable Housing

In the face of an acute housing crisis, Dr. Todd's plan aligns with our vision for abundant and affordable housing.

Protecting and Strengthening Our Democracy

As guardians of democracy, Dr. Todd is willing to the face all threats as your congressman. It's time to fortify our democratic foundations.

Expanding Health Care for All

In our shared belief that healthcare is a right, not a privilege, Dr. Todd's commitment to Medicare for All and defending against efforts to cut Medicare aligns with our vision.

LGBTQIA or (+)

Dr. Todd's commitment to the LGBTQIA or (+) community was an embodiment of his broader principles of inclusivity and human rights.

I am committed to our republic and rights:


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