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Photo of Congress Lady Barbara Lee

Congress Lady Barbara Lee

Endoresed as a Navy Officer and constituent

Photo of President of the United States

President of the United States

Endorsement as an officer

Photo of 43rd President George W Bush

43rd President George W Bush

Endoresed as a Military service member

Photo of <p>Military Awards</p>

Military Awards

44th president barack obama The White house coin

Photo of <p>Timmy Coleman</p>

Timmy Coleman

Life Friends and Family

Photo of <p>Noel Manansala</p>

Noel Manansala

Life Friends and Family

Photo of <p>DOD and US Navy</p>

DOD and US Navy

Endorsed as an Navy officer

Photo of <p>OSU Football and NFL Players</p>

OSU Football and NFL Players

Life Friends and Family

Photo of <p>DiAundra Walker</p>

DiAundra Walker

Military Family

Photo of <p>Kenny Mag</p>

Kenny Mag

Life Friends, business coach and Family

Photo of <p>SFAT/SF Unit</p>



Photo of <p>The Todd's</p>

The Todd's


Photo of <p>Yvonne Dixon</p>

Yvonne Dixon


Photo of <p>BBI Investments</p>

BBI Investments

Business Consultants

Photo of <p>Jeff Butler</p>

Jeff Butler

Business friendship and Family

Photo of <p>Jennifer Habu</p>

Jennifer Habu

Life Friends and Family

Photo of <p>Joe Rubang Navera</p>

Joe Rubang Navera

Hall of fame, Life Friends and Family

Photo of <p>Accountant</p>


Life Friends, CPa/ Accountant and Family

Photo of Endorser

At Pittsburg Senior High School ribbon cutting ceremony. “Besides shared values, rights and responsibility, we also have an atmosphere of civility, trust and respect along with opportunities for networking and active participation.”

Federal Glover

Photo of Endorser

A great and personable guy. ”He was a heck of an athlete, made a ton of plays. If you watched him play the game, and it seems like nobody ever blocks him. I am behind him running.”

Dennis Erickson - Hall of Fame Football Coach

Photo of Endorser

”On the Pacific Options Floor we work as a team, Dr. Todd was one of our best teammates. He was a doer and committed to always learning. Especially during Y2K and trading software.”

Mr. tims and mr. ng, Option Traders

Photo of Endorser

”He is always there when we need him.”

NFL Alumni

Photo of Endorser

“The Alameda County Sheriff's Office Dive Team is a volunteer organization made up of volunteers devoted to providing a professional level of diving services to all police agencies within Alameda County.“ When he is home he joins us as a volunteer.

The Alameda County Sheriff's Office Dive Team

Photo of Endorser

“Our Volunteers Serving America’s Communities, Saving Lives, and Shaping Futures.“ Civil Air Patrol is there to search for and find the lost, provide comfort in times of disaster and work to keep the homeland safe. He loves to support our mission.


Photo of Endorser

“Dr. Todd takes the time to ask you questions, to find out what you are doing, so he can understand your situation and give any recommendation to find the best examples for your particular need or activity to reach the goal.“

Marty Breen - www.forwardmotion.com


  • Professional Athlete


  • Professional Athlete


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