I am running to Win, Fight and Protect the rights for ALL in District 12.

California’s 12th Congressional District is home to over 750,000 people across Alameda County, and includes Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, Piedmont, and San Leandro.

I am in the heart of California's 12th congressional district. My name is Dr. Andre Todd. The journey has been a symphony of service, resilience, and transformation. The year 2024 promises to be epic, with the district brimming with the electric energy of a campaign season. However, this will not be a campaign; it will be a motivating challenge to the status quo, aiming to redefine the landscape of leadership for our republic.

As I, Dr. Todd, stand at the precipice of this political journey, the echoes of leaders who came before me resound like a chorus—from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Jeffrey Cohelan, Ron Dellums, Barbara Lee, Elihu Harris, and civil rights attorney John L. Burris. He and his family have attended Allen Temple Baptist Church for over 30 years in Oakland.




28 years




Democatic Party

a timeline of

Dr. Andre Todd & Achievements



My birth in July


Stated at 9 years old to his parents he would be an All-American in sports, go to college and play college football, then Professional Football and be a Millionaire.


Became an High School All-American in 3 sports, Football, Wrestling and Track & Field


Went to Oregon State University on a Full Scholarship for Football, Wrestling and Track & Field


Graduated from Oregon State University

1986 , 1987, 1988

Signed contracts to be a professional football player athlete. Is an alumni of the CFL and NFL and a free agent with the USFL.

1990, 1991

Went to Humboldt State University for a Masters Degree and to coach college football. While there "Diagnosed to have Dyslexia, a learning disorder"

1991 to 1994

Graduated from Law and DBA School at Ashford University. Interned at Alamo Capital, Thomas James & Associates and Merrill Lynch. Took 10 companies public.


Married at Allen Temple Baptist Church and bought their house at the "same time" in Oakland.

1992 to 2000

Worked at Bear Stearns Corp/JP Morgan—SF and NY Stock Exchange. Had a meeting with "Michael Milken" over lunch.


Worked for GMAFinance as a Finance Consultant, Finance Broker and Exchange Trader. Took 3 companies public.

2002 to 2023

Joined the U.S. Navy and received one of the highest honors/ award at the White House in 2016. Retired from the U.S. Navy in 2023.

Still working part-time for GMAFinance as a Finance Consultant, Finance Broke, Exchange Trader and Hedge Fund Manager.

2004 to 2010

Went to Harvard University, Wharton Business School, Stanford University, the Navy's Black Belt Six Sigma Program and Navy Post Graduate School to receive advanced certifications under the United States Navy.

2010 to 2016

Post-Doctoral degree at California Intercontinental University

2012 to 2016

IBAM Medical School degree in DNA, RNA, Natural Health and licensed to reflect his holistic approach to well-being.


Paid off house, paid off daughters fund for college/ no college debt and all other debts paid off.

2016 to present

Part-Time medical science research through Telecare Holdings: RNA, CRISPR/Cas9, telomere and telomerase

Companies invested in:

https://virtualclinic.md, https://www.sanologics.com, https://ww.vchealthx.com


Tunl DBA/ Aesthetic



Dr. Andre Todd for Congress 2024


"5X + Deployments, A War Zone Veteran, "Missions Outside The Wire" and Disable Veteran."


Running for Congressman in District 12 Oakland, CA

The 12th district was a microcosm of diversity, a tapestry woven from a myriad of cultures, backgrounds, and dreams. Dr. Todd's campaign is a testament to the ideals that had shaped generations, ideals that championed justice, equality, and the betterment of society. His story began with a foundation built on the values instilled by his family—values of hard work, community, hope, and unity.

The specter of racial segregation cast a long shadow even in the west, and Dr. Todd's father worked multiple jobs, from janitorial work at Shell Oil company, able building & maintenance (ABM), and finally finding a place at the US Post Office. His mother was an assistant school teacher.

A Staunch Union supporters

Commitment to solidarity and justice for ALL

Dr. Todd's character is for union, family and country.

  • In a household brimming with love and resilience, Dr. Todd's upbringing was marked by the strength of his family. Growing up with 6 siblings, he witnessed first hand the power of collective support, as his parent’s navigated challenges and worked tirelessly to provide for their family.

  • The government assistance they received was a lifeline, one that underscored the importance of community and compassion. As Dr. Todd stepped into adulthood, he was guided by a deep-rooted belief in the potential for positive change.


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